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"Helping families reunite."


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading service agency in Arizona for family reunification and workforce culture.

What is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised visits are ordered when children are temporarily removed from the physical custody of their parent, legal guardian or caretaker, due to allegations of abuse and/or neglect.  Visits help parents and children stay connected and engage in safe and meaningful interactions, during the separation and reunification process, through visits which are supervised by a Case Aide on behalf of DCS.


Family Service Case Aides provide safe transportation for children throughout Maricopa County to and from visits.  Vehicles are clean, in proper working order, receive routine maintenance and have air conditioning and heating.  All vehicles have the required safety harnesses and age, height and weight appropriate car seats for children who require transport in car seats.

What Can I expect?

If you have been ordered to have Supervised Visits through court, the DCS Case Manager will request a service authorization or referral for visits.  Once the referral has been authorized, a contracted company, such as Family Service Aides, will receive the referral from DCS.  Upon receipt, Family Service Aides will immediately assign a Case Aide to provide Supervised Visits. 

The Case Aide will contact the person or persons who will receive visits, and the placement, or foster family, to introduce themselves and schedule visits, within 24 hours of receiving the case.  The first visit will take place within 5 days.

The Case Aide will also contact the assigned DCS Case Manager to introduce themselves and advise of the visitation schedule.  Once visits are scheduled, the DCS Case Manager will need to approve any changes to the visitation schedule.




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